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Christy has over 300 songs and score cues available in different styles,  lengths and mixes for licensing.



Inquiries to write original songs, scores and

collaborate are welcome.

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Song for Peace

(song co-written with Shie Rozow)

A "We Are the World" message song, "Song for Peace" was originally written for the HBO Documentary "Broken" about the children in Middle East conflict.  It was later recorded by the West Angeles Children's Choir, who made this video in preparation for performing the song live in China.

Listen to soundtrack version of

"Song for Peace"


Live interview and  performance on NBC

Christy being interviewed and performing her AC Top 20 hit "Beautiful" on NBC, following her United Nations Festival of Excellence concert in Geneva, Switzerland.  Christy's signature vocal sound is best described as a pure and pitch-perfect tone that embodies soulfulness, sincerity, and vulnerability.

Listen to studio album version of "Beautiful" in the song player above,  Track 11


Living Legend interview with Jimmie Haskell

Christy is Founder of ProMusicDB, the professional music credits database.  ProMusicDB is proudly endorsed by the Music Library Association, the American Federation of Musicians Los Angeles Local 47, SAG-AFTRA Singers, and the Entertainment Identifier Association.  It endeavors to preserve the legacy of professional musicians by creating the "Smithsonian" of music credits, thereby establishing the much needed reference resource for professional musicians and music fans of the future that otherwise will not exist. 1,000,000 plus artist credits have been preserved to date.

To learn more about this

important endeavor, please visit:


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