Welcome!  I'm Christy Crowl.


Are you visiting my website because you need help with something?


Great. That's what I'm here for, and why I have this fancy website.  I want you to know before we talk what I bring to the table so you can decide if I can help you do what you need to do. There's a lot here, enjoy yourself looking around!


My goal is to collaborate with you and do what you need for your goals or project to get accomplished in the best way.


That's why I say I'm a collaborator instead of a "random title."  Different hats, different needs, different expectations is the theme for all of us in the new era of technology and entertainment, and I know how to strategize my time and expertise to best serve your PROJECT, not my individual strengths.


I am comfortable being comfortable, or being stretched to get better at something.


I have skills and experience in a lot of areas in music, business, and entertainment, which may come in handy for you - yes that sounds like a hard sell, but it's just the reality of being in the business for over 20 years and staying in it.  I'm not scared to try, or if we talk and I don't feel I'm the right fit, I will honestly tell you.  I'd expect the same of you.  Both our time is valuable and if it's not right this time, there will be a next time when it is.


My passions are bringing out the best in people, projects, and situations.


We've all been there - last minute changes, confusion, chaos, doubt, frustration...and a deadline.  I thrive in that environment (note: not saying that is my ideal scenario, but I am very good at it!).  I have been called the "Ice Queen" as a compliment, meaning I am good at putting out fires or strategizing at keeping them to a minimum when managing a project or people.


Would you like to collaborate with me on something you are working on or that you are working towards?


If you're serious and ready to go, it'd be great to hear what you're involved with.  There's an EMAIL FORM HERE that connects you to me.  Send me a note, include your time and budget parameters, and I'll let you know if I can give you 100% before we schedule to meet.


Do you have a goal or question you just don't know how to get moving on or answered and just want some direction?


 I hear you - and am here for you.  Right off the bat I'd like to tell you that I'm constantly giving workshops and clinics to do that very thing - help you strategize what to do, how to do it, and answer your entertainment industry questions.  Please check the calendars of the unions or organizations you belong to and see if I am there, and if not, please let me know if I should be!  Your "Professional Career Development in Entertainment" classes and coaching are here!  I look forward to working with you and helping you conceive your career dreams and take actions that bring them to life!