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Giving Back

I began a personal journey several years ago to establish my "life work"  for the music industry.  This endeavor was bigger and more challenging than I had ever imagined, but as my team and I have persevered, we have been encouraged at the response and assistance of others to bring ProMusicDB: The Professional Music Credits Database, into existence.


In 2013, the professional music unions  we approached gave us their endorsements (including SAG-AFTRA singers and the American Federation of Musicians), as well as the Music Library Association and the Entertainment Identifier Registry.  As more experts became involved with ProMusicDB and its mission to secure and preserve the legacies of professional musicians in history, invitations to speak about it and present our prototype began to  come in from many organizations such as the American Library Association, the Music Biz Association, the Music Library Association, and the Quincy Jones Consortium.  We have spent much of 2014 in preparation for and traveling to these organizations' annual conferences.


Moving forward, we are excited to announce we have been invited along with the Library of Congress to speak to the Authority Control Interest Group of the American Library Association at their Annual Conference on June 29th, 2014 in Las Vegas. We are currently finishing the first draft of our white paper, and creating more software tools that will utilize the ProMusicDB Digital Identity Governance System, which we plan to present at the ALA conference.  


For more information and a glimpse at our interface, please visit our website:

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